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 I am your local Real Estate Professional and have been a Big Pine resident since 2004 years. 

This is the LAST YEAR of the Big Pine Neighborhood Garage Sale

EIGHTH & final year

Big Pine Neighborhood Garage Sale

Each house will display their goods in their front yard. Look for red, white, & blue directional signs. If you wish to add additional signs of your own to direct people to your house I encourage you to do so. Also if you wish to place an ad in the newspapers feel free to do so. I will be asking the local radio stations to mention the garage sale on the Radio.

The following Streets in Big Pine will be holding 

garage sales in front of their house:

49 Carmelea Lane

210 Center Street

230 Chestnut Street

250 Chestnut Street

132 Dewey Street

107 Elmcrest Drive

130 Elmcrest Drive

143 Elmcrest Drive

107 Juniper Road

545 Main Street/Walnut (drive behind the Big Pine Cottages) follow signs

2 Marianne Way

3 Marianne Way

122 Mountain Road

132 Mountain Road

118 Olivia Lane

129 Olivia Lane

122 Pine Road

231 S. School Street

102 Terrace Drive 

Saturday, June 8, 2019

8:00 AM to 1:00 PM or until.....

This information was last updated on

June 7, 2019

If you decide last minute to participate call me so I may add your address & street.


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